CCTV: Skandal Boss & PA?

CCTV: Skandal Boss & PA?

CCTV Security Cameras

The use of CCTV security cameras are especially popular among businesses such as banks, hospitals, schools and many more.

CCTV cameras are now gaining in popularity with ordinary customers to secure homes, home businesses and other personal properties.

CCTV security systems are an excellent safety measure to your home or office.

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What is CCTV Security CamerasCCTV stands for Closed Circuit TeleVision, and is a system of security cameras all linked to one monitoring system.

They are use for visual surveillance designed to monitor all the variety of rooms, spaces and activities. CCTV is called a “closed circuit” because cameras and monitors are linked with a constant connection.

Benefits of CCTV

At home

* Deter potential thieves.
* Identify visitors.
* Increase security.
* 24-hour access to the activities on your property.

For Business

* Deter potential thieves.
* Monitor cash registers.
* Record evidence to prevent bogus accident claims.
* Identify visitors and employees.
* Monitor hazardous work areas.
* Increase security in and around business premises and parking lots.
* Meet insurance requirements.
* 24-hour access to the activities on your business.


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