Malay Couple Stay Overnight Doing ‘Assignment’

Malay Couple Stay Overnight Doing ‘Assignment’

Another skandal melayu clips leaks into internet. Rumors said this clips done by UniKL student. I hope it not true. Too many Malay students do skandal things lately.

Stop Spending All Night on the Computer

Chat rooms, internet messaging, forum, blog … all of these can be time killers and the next thing you know it’s 3:00 in the morning. Where did the time go? Hours can go by on the computer rather quickly. However, if you wish to cut back on the time you spend on the computer follow these steps to maintain balance between your online and offline time.


1. Determine in advance how much time you want to spend on the internet.

2. Set a timer if the time you will be on is shorter than an hour or so (most timers have a maximum of 1 1/2 to 2 hours). This works well if you have errands to run or chores to do around the house.

3. Set an alarm clock if you need to be off at a specific time. For example, if supper has to be made at 5:00 and it is 2:30, set the alarm.

4. Place a Post-it note on the computer as to what you promised yourself you would do when the alarm or timer goes off.

5. Let anyone you are speaking with that you have to be off at a certain time. This works better in chat rooms and IMs.

6. Tell everyone goodbye as soon as the alarm or timer goes off. No need for long farewells, a quick “gtg” (got to go) or “cya” (see you) will do just fine. This is not the time to wait around and see if anyone will respond to your goodbye message, just move on to the next step.

7. Shut down the computer as you ordinarily would. Even if you’re only going to be off for fifteen minutes or so, a computer that has been turned off is less of a temptation than one that is left on.

8. Refer to your Post-it note and do what you promised yourself you would do.

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