Nothing wrong being Sexy Gadis Melayu

Nothing wrong being Sexy Gadis Melayu

Nothing wrong being Sexy Gadis Melayu.

More than anything be yourself. Being sexy is about being confident and comfortable.

Love yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re larger then most girls. You don’t have to look like everyone else to be beautiful.

If you like someone and they are into what you think is beautiful and you think you have to change yourself to fit that kind of style just so you can get the person, don’t even bother. If he or she doesn’t like you for who you are then find someone else.

Posture has a lot to do with being sexy as well. If you feel confident and walk tall, everyone else will think so too. Keep your shoulders back, and walk with a bit of a strut.

Go easy on the perfume; keeping yourself clean goes a long way in preventing foul odors, no need to create NEW foul smells.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day — it’ll help your skin, your diet, and help you feel great!

Cocoa or Shea butter is really good for normal to dry skin because it makes your body smooth and soft. Face masks and good moisturizers are also good, be sure to get one that is non-comodegenic (does not clog pores) and matches your skin type.

Martial arts, Pilates, Yoga and Ballet are good toning activities.

Dab some clear lip gloss onto your eyelids for a sexy dewy look. Apply eyeliner to the outer corners of your eyelids only, one coat of mascara, some blush or bronzer, and lip-gloss.

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend who you love is a good thing, but being sexy and single is good, too. Don’t obsess over your love life.

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