Study Guide For Gadis Remaja Melayu

Study Guide For Gadis Remaja Melayu

Study Guide For Gadis Remaja Melayu

Exams are terrible stress causers, whether it be high-school or IPTA. The key to doing well on an exam is to, obviously, study hard and well, but also to study in the proper manner so that your studying experience will show results.

1. Before your exams, create a calendar starting exactly one month before the exams are scheduled to start. For each day write down two subjects that you each plan to spend a half an hour studying. Take into account which classes are difficult for you; these subjects should show up on your study calendar more often. Stick to the calendar because an hour a day really isn’t that much but it will really be useful.

2. Make friends that strive for good exam grades, just as you do. With friends who care about school, you’ll find that you will have someone to study with without getting distracted. If they truly care about their grades, they will want to discuss material with you as much as possible because they want to be prepared for the exams as well.

3. Listen attentively in class before exams. Many teachers will playfully, or subtly hit things that might be on the exam, or they might focus on certain things more than others. Noticing your teachers lesson plans will help you realize the topics that are really important and that are likely to show up on the test.

4. Don’t just go through your notes, rewrite them. Rewriting some of your lecture notes, especially the sloppy ones, will bring back some of the old class topics in your mind. You will be able to remember the lectures and discussions surprisingly well. Rewriting your notes is great if you’re a kinesthetic learner.

5. Don’t study when you’re really tired. It’s better to study for two hours in one day than to try and cram in that daily hour at two in the morning.

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